One for the bucket list and two for the show, get ready adventures seekers!

let’s get on the road and go!

Travelling alone through Queensland, I decided to experience Cape York. I was reluctant to risk it alone, so a tag-along tour sounded like a good idea. Dale suggested I could ride-along in their vehicle, which made a lot more sense!

The trip was well organised, the like-minded company was great, and the adventure memorable. Everyone was very well looked after and the facilities certainly adequate. I was sorry to see the trip end!


The ride-along option was perfect for me, to be able to enjoy the scenery, go to beautiful out-of-the-way places and camp without any hassles.

The vehicles were comfortable and obviously suited for the sometimes rough terrain. The tents and bedding were quite luxurious -- much more comfortable than I'd expected, and the trailer was a work of art -- so well thought out and practical.

Dale and Bones were terrific. They were thoughtful, helpful, efficient, and very patient. They managed to appear relaxed while ensuring that the tour ran smoothly. When difficulties arose Dale always had a Plan B (and maybe even C & D) and things got sorted without any fuss.

Dale took us to places I would otherwise have missed seeing, and his love of the Cape was infectious. His stories about camping with family and friends made the whole experience very special.